Technicality at the service of innovation


Our processes are adapted and dedicated to advanced sectors of activity such as optics, connectivity, medicine, aeronautics, and defense.

Usiplus specializes in the production of medium-series technical and finely crafted parts with a diameter between 0.8 and 65 mm bars.

Our customers find in Usiplus a production capacity that ensures quality, reliability, and productivity. 

Our production of finely crafted parts, which are sensitive to appearance or impact, requires special attention both in machining and in the associated operations of washing and packaging.

We have selected heat, surface or super-finishing treatment partners that mirror our values.

Through our structure, we provide you with our know-how and experience in terms of method and industrialization. We advise and support you during the product development or improvement phase: Selection of materials, techniques, or tolerance and measurement adjustment intervals, all for optimized production levels. We can help you make the right choices through direct involvement on a modification or customization plan.





Our machine range

With a high-performance, digitally controlled machine fleet consisting of 80 machines, Usiplus offers a rigorous and industrial organization for your medium series in its building integrated in 2018..

With kinematics ranging from 5 to 13 numerical axes, we are able to perform many operations on the machine that usually require costly rework, which can lead to additional delays and non-quality.

To ensure the future of our company, we invest 15 to 17% of our revenue every year to :



Our experience and facilities enable us to work on a wide range of materials. 


Steel, Stainless steel, brass, exotic materials

Non ferrous materials

Aluminum, plastic (PEEK, POM, etc.)

We are professional and committed to ensuring that our mechanical parts are ready for marketing and integration.

As a partner of industrialists, we are able to meet all your needs.


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